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Group of men ram another car; shots fired from handgun

A group of men in a car twice rammed into another vehicle from behind early Sunday after it left the University Plaza, the two occupants of the rammed vehicle told police.

A man and woman said they stopped at the traffic light at the plaza at 4:30 a.m. and were waiting to turn right onto Main Street when a car with four or five men in it pulled up behind them and started honking the horn. They said one of the men got out and yelled obscenities as he told them to turn right.

The car then followed the couple to a traffic light at Main and Kenmore Avenue where another man got out of the car and yelled obscenities. It continued following them to a traffic light at Main and Niagara Falls Boulevard where they said a man got out of the car and fired shots from a handgun.

The car then followed them to the traffic light at Main and Heath Street where it rammed the rear of their vehicle, then followed them into a gas station at Main and West Winspear Avenue where it rammed into the passenger side of their vehicle, then took off south on Main.

Police are searching for the car.