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Where we live: Lackawanna


Demolition again commanded discussion at Monday night’s regular meeting of the City Council with lawmakers considering a “Demolition Regulation Ordinance” drafted the city’s law department “Believe it or not, not a whole lot of cities have demolition regulations,” said Antonio Savaglio, city attorney.

In crafting the proposed ordinance, the law department researched town, village and city demolitions laws statewide. The draft requires insurance and a performance guaranty bond which would protect the city if anything should happen during a demolition. Or if the work didn’t get done, the city would have the contractor on the hook for the amount required to perform the demolition.”

The ordinance came in response to the much prolonged razing of 622 Ridge Road. The eyesore’s purchase in May 2013 was predicated on its demolition within six months. Thirty months have passed and it is still standing.

The demolition ordinance was received and filed for future council action.

This week:

• Director of Development Fred K. Heinle, in noting the success of the promotional campaign “About FACE,” estimated $700 generated from the sale of campaign T-shirts. Heinle requested the funds be deposited in an account dedicated to the continued promotion of About FACE, which touts the city’s renewal.