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Poem of the Week by James P. Maurino

By James P. Maurino

I am the son

of people of the sun

and as such

am not meant

to dwell in darkness.

Lacking in length and light,

I languish on English land

when I am meant

to meet the shores

of the Mediterranean

washed by its waters

fed by its fish,

finding the source

of Sicilian senses,

Neapolitan knowing,

and kneeling toward

Etna and Vesuvius,


of emotions, tempered

by emerging away

from the Equator, rounding

the nihilism of the north.

Dark December,

my soul is sapped

by ebbing energy

and my blood runs thin.

With age

I cower from the cold

and long for light,

the blue water of my forebears

stony shores left

for the new land

when what I want

is to return

time and time again.

JAMES P. MAURINO will be the featured poet at the next SUNY Empire State College Appletree Series open reading at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Empire State College, 2875 Union Road in Cheektowaga. He is an assistant professor of psychology at the college.