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Letter: Obama administration is an embarrassment

Obama administration is an embarrassment

I have never been a supporter of John Kerry, although I am also a U.S. Navy vet. I always thought he was a phony. But this last faux pas in Paris was really too much! I was ashamed by the regime’s lack of solidarity when it failed to send a representative of importance to march with the other world leaders. I would not have expected President Obama to have gone to Paris himself. That task would be too much for this self-absorbed, sanctimonious, self-righteous toddler to perform.

However, this peace, love, dove, Hare Krishna spectacle that our “Sissy in State” Kerry and that has-been James Taylor made in the name of the republic that I served for 26 years really got me stirred up. It made me want to vomit. No wonder our allies don’t trust us. No wonder our enemies don’t fear us.

If Obama had either a conscience or a sense of fortitude, he’d be ashamed of himself. Not him. He’s a gutless wonder. Why can’t he call these animals “Islamic terrorists”? No guts!

Joseph A. Coppola