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Letter: Many will give up tickets if downtown site is chosen

Many will give up tickets if downtown site is chosen

We have been Bills season ticket holders since 1964 and have experienced many changes. If the Bills move the stadium to downtown Buffalo, we will give up our tickets.

We feel that the move is all about money and not about fans. There is no easy ingress or egress for 70,000 fans on current downtown roads. The current location provides easy access from the Southtowns, Northtowns, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada, Rochester, Syracuse, etc. There are literally no easy parking spaces downtown.

If the price of tickets rises to meet the luxury fantasies of the developers, then most current fans will not be able to afford them. Certainly, families with children would not be able to attend.

Current fans go to see football, not to purchase luxury items. Check it out. Most people tailgate because they can’t afford to pay the outrageous prices for food and beverages that Delaware North already charges.

Buffalo and its environs are blue collar. In closing, the developers should consider the fans, not their pockets!

Ellen J. Christensen