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Letter: Let’s build new stadium on Transit near Thruway

Let’s build new stadium on Transit near Thruway

Get a map of Western New York and a geometry compass. Put the point on each of the three big centers of mass of Buffalo Bills fans who need to travel to get to the game, and the pencil right on the Ralph. Draw the three arcs centered on the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, the Peace Bridge and the City of Rochester. That big triangle with the curved sides you get is centered not at Batavia, but pretty near the Thruway exit on Transit Road. No extra inconvenience for our Canadian fans, but way better to draw from Rochester, which has about 1 million people in its metro area.

There’s a lot of land available out there, and easy highway access. To increase revenue the most, increase the fan base. A big stadium and the attendant parking requirement downtown is just going to take up space and kill the development that’s finally catching fire on our varied waterfront.

Bob Anderson