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Letter: How much time has Cuomo spent teaching?

How much time has Cuomo spent teaching?

Here we go again. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ventured into another area of his personal expertise. New York State teachers are being evaluated much too highly for the results students are receiving on standardized tests. I am wondering how much time the governor has spent in the classroom to make this preposterous claim? Oh, he probably qualifies because he did spend many years in the classroom as a student himself, so perhaps that’s all it takes.

My entire career has been spent teaching. I know I have logged tens of thousands of hours more than our egotistical governor. However, I admit my inadequacy of being able to successfully teach in those inner-city, poverty-stricken areas that my colleagues labor in daily. They should be judged by the efforts they put forth and not by some inane, data-dribble test scores.

Did the governor realize that his state has led the nation for decades in student performance? So why tamper with something successful when you are unquestionably out of your league?

I think it would be best if the governor left matters that he is ill-suited to handle to the experts. Don’t make this teacher evaluation overhaul a vindictive reprisal for not receiving the New York State teachers’ union endorsement in the last gubernatorial election. Go back and do what politicians do best – whatever that is.

Peter V. Tonsoline