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Letter: Don’t expect taxpayers to foot bill for stadium

Don’t expect taxpayers to foot bill for stadium

How did we go from “if” we should build a new stadium to “where” we should build one? I was surprised by the recent editorial supporting a new stadium. How can The News support such a project after Erie County taxpayers financed millions of dollars in renovations for Ralph Wilson Stadium? How can it make the statement that the new facility could be privately funded?

To build luxury boxes that won’t be filled, to increase already expensive ticket prices and to shoulder the burden on taxpayers is ridiculous. In my opinion, the owner of the team is no hero; he is out to make a profit. And we should help him by offering him tax incentives and public financing? This is a private business and tax dollars should not be spent on it. There are certainly more constructive projects our money could be spent on. It would not be the end of the world if the Bills left.

Michael A. Krellner

West Seneca