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Letter: A few more suggestions for renaming Squaw Island

A few more suggestions for renaming Squaw Island

In regard to renaming Squaw Island, there are several ways to resolve this pressing issue.

One, retain the name as a historical curiosity. This is unlikely given the grievance claimed by women and American Indians, and the current requirement that society address it.

Two, rename it Deyowenoguhdoh, as proposed. Apparently this name was used by the Senecas before Europeans took the island from them. While this will please those who believe it corrects a historic injustice, everyone else knows it amounts to keeping the present name since the new one is so unwieldy we will end up calling it “that place that used to be Squaw Island.”

Third, rename it based on the name used by the Neutral Indian tribe. After all, before Europeans took the island from the Senecas, the Senecas took it from the Neutrals, who were here first. If correcting historic injustice counts, find out what the Neutrals called the island before the Senecas conquered them, if any Neutrals are left.

Fourth, simply add one letter to the name. This will render it inoffensive to all, cause minimal change to signage and maps, and pay homage to the political correctness movement. How about: Squawk Island?

Ralph Visano