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Coyote sightings reported in Lancaster neighborhoods

With several coyote sightings reported recently in Lancaster, residents are being urged to be vigilant about the safety of their children and small pets when outdoors.

Earlier this week, the Lancaster Police Department posted on its Facebook page that residents have reported seeing coyotes in neighborhoods north of Pleasant View Drive, east of Harris Hill Road and in the area of Enchanted Forest South.

While coyotes have been known to attack small dogs and cats, police said Friday that no attacks have been reported.

The department’s Facebook page includes recommendations from the state Department of Environmental Conservation for dealing with Eastern coyotes, which are firmly established in New York. Those recommendations include eliminating outdoor food sources, including pet food and garbage.

And should a resident have a close encounter with a coyote, the DEC advises aggressive behavior that includes standing tall and holding out your arms to look large. If the coyote lingers, you should make loud noises and wave your arms, and throw sticks and stones.