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Letter: Tougher stance is needed to tackle world problems

Tougher stance is needed to tackle world problems

The Paris attacks along with the proclamation of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria make it now obvious that the many Islamist terrorist groups should be taken at their word: their goal is to establish a caliphate, under Sharia law, extending to Europe. That they represent only a very small fraction of Muslims worldwide or that Islam doesn’t preach violence is beside the point at this stage. They are confident in their culture and believe Western culture is hopelessly corrupted.

In “America Alone,” Mark Steyn distinguishes between “hard” and “soft” cultures. Europe, the cradle of political correctness, a model for welfare states worldwide and in demographic decline, is ill-equipped to handle all this. The 2004 Madrid train bombings took only three days to get a socialist government elected in Spain.

And how has America been responding of late? President Obama is slow-walking nuclear arms negotiations with Iran, which has vowed to wipe Israel off the map.

While France’s experiment with “sensitive urban zones” is going up in smoke, the American left is pushing police sensitivity training and defending mob violence in the street as an “understandable reaction.”

The Europeans are scrambling to identify terrorist leaders. Recently, Senate Democrats and the media went into synthetic outrage over enhanced interrogation. These techniques, including waterboarding, have been part of survival training for up to 40,000 American servicemen.

The Saudis, enthusiastic exporters of Wahhabism, are now building a fortified fence along the 600-mile border with their new neighbors, ISIS. We are promising amnesty for millions crossing our Southern border.

We were a hard culture when we stared down the Soviet Union; now we seem to be joining the European Union.

Malcolm Vanderburgh