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Letter: If new stadium is built, keep it in Orchard Park

If new stadium is built, keep it in Orchard Park

The reasons against placement of a new Bills stadium in the locations suggested could make a David Letterman Top 10 list.

The entire street system in the Canalside region is not set up to handle or move the number of vehicles that would be coming in on game day.

Tailgating has become an integral part of Bills games. How does one incorporate that with a downtown stadium and pay for parking setups?

Furthermore, I cannot fathom Bills fans ponying up $60 to park (as was the case in some lots for last year’s NCAA basketball tournament at First Niagara Center.)

What happens to Canalside and the harborfront when a facility geared for tens of thousands of fans becomes a permanent fixture? Where does the family who’d like to enjoy a fall day or a winter ice skate park?

We – and I say “we” because there is taxpayer money in this development – have embraced the harborfront and Canalside as a place for families to go.

If a stadium is to be built, I agree with those who say: Build it next to the Ralph in Orchard Park. The utilities are there, the parking is there, the land is there – the stadium should be there.

Richard McCarthy