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Teen charged with burglary

TOWN OF PORTER – Despite his inventiveness, a teenager still ended up getting caught for burglarizing his neighbor’s liquor cabinet, allegedly taking a $50 bottle of bourbon.

The 16-year-old Creek Road boy, was charged by Niagara County sheriff’s deputies Monday night with third-degree burglary, criminal mischief and petit larceny. He was remanded to Niagara County Jail on $250 bail.

His next-door neighbor was alerted to the theft when he noticed the garage door open and noticed a hole in the door covered by sandpaper. The only thing missing was the bottle of boubon, which had been in the refrigerator. He said he suspected a neighbor boy who had asked if he had any alcohol.

When the boy was questioned by deputies he admitted he had gone in the garage late Sunday night and took the bottle of bourbon. He later retrieved the 3/4-full bottle from a wooded area just south of his residence.

The boy said he used a knife to make a hole in the door and then used a meat thermometer to open the deadbolt through the hole he had created in the door. He then attempted to conceal the hole with some sandpaper. He said he went into the woods and took a few sips and then left the bottle in the woods.