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No thaw in sight for lonely Shark Girl, still stuck at Canalside

Poor Shark Girl, still frozen in place Han Solo-style along the windswept Canalside boardwalk, awaiting warmer weather.

She just looks so forlorn. I mean, more forlorn than usual:

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According to her steward, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, temperatures remain too cold to dislodge her from her current spot. So plans to move her closer to the Ice at Canalside, where she can be adored and Instagrammed by more of fans during the winter months, are frozen too.

"We need a few days in a row above the freezing mark to safely move her," the gallery's Marketing and Public Relations Director Maria Morreale said in an email.

Thing is, that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon. The 14-day forecast calls for temperatures in the area of 20 degrees, and no higher than 31.

At this point, it may be spring before gallery staff is able to dislodge her from her current perch. At which point, a move toward the ice will make much less sense.

Such are the vagaries of life as an inanimate public figure. We're all pulling for you, Shark Girl. Here's hoping you get to move to your new home soon.

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