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Letter: Many senior citizens need those discounts

Many senior citizens need those discounts

I have to object to a recent My View column in which the writer states: “If I were in charge, I’d immediately abolish the senior citizen discount and replace it with the average Joe discount.” Obviously, he is one of the few who made a lot of money because of his occupation (a periodontist) and could invest wisely so he would have a comfortable retirement. He has no idea what it is to work a 40-hour week at a very low salary with no retirement benefits except for Social Security. I believe there are many more in that predicament who really do need the senior discounts.

I don’t think he is aware of all the elderly people who have to choose between their prescriptions and food. It appears he only knows people who are in the same well-off pattern. He needs to get a good look at how the other half lives. I happen to be a lucky one (77 years young) who is comfortably well off, but know some who are not.

Mary Anne Clarke