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Hotel Lafayette: Poem by Leah Higgins

Hotel Lafayette

Enumerated by glamour; it’s at the top of the list. It sits with the best. Its terra cotta trim flatters you with secrets as you walk through the door. This is the place; a third-floor restaurant that serves salmon on pancakes and a brick building faintly enshrouded by a hue of gold left over from the twenties. What’s to love: the marble floor, or maybe the classic feel? Either way, as the saying goes, if the pope were to come here, this is where he would stay… or something like that. Have you ever seen the way the hotel looks when it’s snowing? Oh! You must see the way it looks when it’s snowing. The Hotel Lafayette on a snowy evening reminds you of that time in NYC. That time when you stood on the outskirts of Times Square in the snow, and waited even though your fingers were numb. You waited until it finally hit you: It was yours. You could fade in stores and between seas of people, and nod hello to whomever you wished. You became a detail in the art piece and you’ve never loved anything more. This is the place.

Leah Higgins, 16, junior, City Honors School

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