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Divers find remains of air crash victims

A specialized diving team hired by the family of Rochester developer and Buffalo native Larry Glazer have recovered the remains of Glazer and his wife, along with significant portions of the aircraft, four months after their private plane crashed in the Caribbean Sea north of Jamaica.

The recovery of the bodies of Glazer, founder and head of Buckingham Properties, and his wife, Jane, came after determined efforts by their three children to “bring our parents home,” according to a statement from the family.

“Since that day, we have been resolute in our goal of bringing our mother and father home to Rochester,” said the statement from Mindy MacLaren, Rick Glazer and Ken Glazer.

“Knowing we did all that could be done to bring our parents home provides us with the possibility for closure and eventual healing.”

The wreckage of the plane will also provide clues and possibly answers to what happened Sept. 5 when the turboprop plane went down.

“We are hopeful that, in time, this will provide us with answers as to exactly what happened that day,” the statement said. “We are grateful for the expertise available to us, as well as the care brought to this situation by all parties.”

Glazer, a graduate of Riverside High School and University at Buffalo, was a prominent figure in Rochester real estate and business circles. He was flying with his wife to Naples, Fla., when their plane went off course and crashed far south of their intended destination, apparently after running out of fuel.

After the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers, authorities scrambled fighter jets, which trailed the plane for part of its journey before it crashed in the early afternoon, more than five hours after it left Rochester.

The jet pilots reported seeing the small plane’s pilot, likely Glazer, slumped over. Speculation centered around a loss of cabin pressure that caused the couple to lose consciousness.

Initial search efforts were fruitless, in part because of the extreme depth of the water, at more than 10,000 feet. So the family hired Eclipse Group, a deep-water marine operations firm based in Annapolis, Md., earlier this month “to plan and conduct a search for our parents and any remains of their plane.”

No other details of the search were provided.