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Chautauqua County schools told of election services costs

MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Board of Elections has told the 19 school districts in the county how much it would cost them for 2015 voting machine election services. The election commissioners are proposing assistance to all 18 school districts.

Currently the county election office provides optical scan paper ballot based election services to the nearly 40,000 voters of Bemus Point, Cassadaga Valley, Chautauqua Lake, Forestville, Jamestown, Panama Ripley and Silver Creek central school districts. 

“While many counties in New York State are resisting partnering with the school districts of each county,” said Election Commissioners Norman Green and Brian Abram, “We embrace servicing our school districts as an obligation to our shared voters.”

Since the 2010 mandate of paper ballot optical scan voting in New York State, school districts and villages continue the option of using the old lever voting machine under short term extenders approved by the state legislature. 

Thirteen  of the 15 Chautauqua County villages have named the county Board of Elections as their chief election officer and eight of the 19 schools are partnering with the county for optical scan paper ballot election services.  

The Board of Elections estimates that it will cost $12,000 in new and additional costs to service the  county school district elections.  Additional costs for the schools will mainly center on election inspectors to sign in voters, which now are volunteers in some school districts.

  Estimates of costs provided to school districts are: Bemus Point, $838; Brocton, $429; Cassadaga,   $430; Chautauqua Lake,  $333; Clymer, $381; City of Dunkirk,   $1,687; Falconer, $444; Forestville,   $464; Fredonia,   $554; Frewsburg,   $441; City of Jamestown, $2,317; Panama,  $488; Pine Valley, $441; Randolph,   $449; Ripley,   $408; Sherman, $317; Silver Creek, $371; Southwestern, $548; and Westfield, $425.

 School district elections are held in May.

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