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Shark Girl still frozen in place

Poor Shark Girl, still frozen in place Han Solo-style along the windswept Canalside boardwalk, awaiting warmer weather.

According to her steward, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, temperatures remain too cold to dislodge her from her current spot. So plans to move her closer to the Ice at Canalside, where she can be adored and Instagrammed by more of fans during the winter months, are frozen too.

“We need a few days in a row above the freezing mark to safely move her,” the gallery’s Marketing and Public Relations Director Maria Morreale said in an email.

Thing is, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. The 14-day forecast calls for temperatures in the area of 20 degrees, and no higher than 31.

At this point, it may be spring before gallery staff is able to dislodge her from her current perch.

At which point, a move toward the ice will make much less sense.

We’re all pulling for you, Shark Girl. Here’s hoping you get to move to your new home soon.

– Colin Dabkowski

The show will go on at Riviera

Thanks to M&T Bank, the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda can continue to show movies.

The non-profit theater had set a funding goal of $84,686 to acquire a digital film projector, a necessity because as of this year, 35mm film will no longer be supported by the industry, and only digital films will be available. A grant from M&T allowed the theater to reach the goal, and so the projector can be purchased. Currently the Riviera uses Arc Light Projectors that have been used in the theater since the 1940s.

The precise amount of the fund-raising goal covers the cost the projector as well as electrical and construction upgrades to the projection booth. Contributions came not only from M&T but from the Rotary Club of Kenmore and the New York State Council on the Arts, as well as businesses and individuals.

Gary J. Rouleau, the Riviera’s director of development, announced the gift.

Built in 1926, the Riviera derives its income from ticket and concession sales as well as donations and grants. The digital projection conversion project is a necessity if the theater is to be viable in the future. In addition to live theater and music events, the Riviera shows occasional movies, some of them accompanied by its historic Mighty Wurlitzer.

– Mary Kunz Goldman

From trooper to ‘Survivor’

A state trooper from Grand Island is one of 18 castaways on the 30th edition of the CBS reality series “Survivor.”

Kelly Remington, 44, is on the blue-collar team in this season’s series, “Survivor: World Apart,” which is divided into white-collar, blue-collar and no-collar teams competing on the shores of Nicaragua.

The CBS series has a 90-minute premiere at 8 p.m. Feb. 25 on Channel 4.

In a brief biography supplied by CBS, Remington said her “personal claim to fame was her career, “because I get to use my pepper spray, handcuffs, night stick and Taser before I even walk out of the house.”

- Alan Pergament