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Protesters disrupt Supreme Court session

WASHINGTON (Bloomberg News) – Protesters shouting “money out of politics” disrupted the start of the U.S. Supreme Court session Wednesday, the fifth anniversary of the justices’ ruling that allows unlimited corporate spending on campaigns. Separately, President Obama issued a statement calling the court’s 2010 Citizens United decision “wrong” and saying it has harmed democracy in the United States.

At the opening of the high court session, the protesters stood up one at a time in the back of the audience, shouting at the justices, “one person, one vote,” “money out of politics,” and “we are the 99 percent.”

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. delayed the reading of three opinions while police officers removed the individuals from the courtroom.

“With each new campaign season, this dark money floods our airwaves with more and more political ads that pull our politics into the gutter,” Obama said.


‘A chance’ Biden may run for president

WASHINGTON (Bloomberg News) – Vice President Biden is leaving the door open to a possible 2016 White House bid.

Biden told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday that he sees the contest for the Democratic nomination for president as “wide open,” even though former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – widely considered a front-runner -- has yet to announce her candidacy.

“Yes, there is a chance,” Biden said in the interview. “But I haven’t made my mind up about that. We’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then. There’s plenty of time.”

Biden said he wouldn’t decide until summer about another bid for the presidency. MASSACHUSETTS

Boston doctor killed was ‘inspiring surgeon’

BOSTON - The cardiac surgeon who was fatally shot at a Boston hospital Tuesday had “devoted his career to saving lives,” the hospital said in a statement. Dr. Michael Davidson, 44, director of endovascular cardiac surgery, was shot twice Tuesday morning in the Shapiro building at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He died hours later.

Stephen Pasceri, 55, walked into the second floor of the building, armed with a handgun, Boston police said. Pasceri asked for Davidson and shot him twice, according to Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. He then shot himself to death. In an interview with the Boston Herald, a woman identified as Pasceri’s sister, Marguerite Joly, said Davidson operated on their mother last year. Their mother died Nov. 15. “He appeared to be handling her death well,” Joly told the Herald.

– Los Angeles Times


Residents angry about mugshot target practice

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Dozens of angry residents – some carrying poster-size photos of North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis riddled with bullet holes – flooded North Miami Beach city hall Tuesday night to decry the police department’s practice of using police mugshots of African-Americans as targets for sniper shooting training.

Residents demanded the chief’s resignation and called for the city to apologize for the practice, which came to light after a Florida Army National Guard member, who was at the Medley shooting range last month for training, spotted a photo of her brother laced with bullet holes in a garbage can at the range.

After nearly two hours of public comment, the council passed a law to permanently ban the practice and review the police department’s policies.

– Miami Herald