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Keep that New Year's resolution to lose weight with these principles

Bianca Roberts and Dominic Fraterrigo have lost more than 175 pounds collectively during the last three years, and believe that shedding pounds is 90 percent nutrition and 10 percent fitness.

They agreed that those looking to lose weight in the new year should forget about pills, fad diets and unsustainable eating plans – and will share several strategies later this holiday weekend in WNY Refresh, with input from Dan LiBurd, strength and conditioning assistant and nutritionist with the Buffalo Bills.

“I always stick to principles,” LiBurd said. “I often stray away from counting calories and try to stay away from following arcane diet plans meticulously. The principles – and following them on a regular basis – create a better foundation.”

LiBurd recommended you ask the following questions in your 2015 quest to shed pounds:

  • Are you eating small or moderate meals every three to four hours? Are you eating five times a day?
  • If you look at your plate, does it contain at least half of fibrous green vegetables and a good portion of a lean source of protein?
  • Are you managing carbohydrate consumption around a solid amount of physical activity throughout the week?
  • Are you eating healthy fats and do you know what they are? (They include olive and coconut oils, avocados and tree nuts.)
  • Are you looking to include both resistance and cardiovascular exercise as part of your fitness training program?
  • Are you consuming calorie-free liquids? Roberts and Fraterrigo said drinking a gallon of water daily has helped them lose and maintain weight.


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