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A Closer Look: Tullio Lombardo's 'Adam', reconstructed

Artist: Tullio Lombardo // Title: "Adam" // On view in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibition "Tullio Lomardo's Adam: A Masterpiece Restored," through July, 2015

In 2002, the pedestal supporting Tullio Lombardo's 15th-century sculpture of Adam collapsed and the statue cracked into hundreds of pieces on the floor of a gallery in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In the decade that followed, a team of conservators worked to restore the statue, experimenting with new conservation techniques and painstakingly piecing the famous sculpture back into its original form. One of those conservators, Carolyn Riccardelli, is a 2001 graduate of SUNY Buffalo State's art conservation program, where she learned the foundations of the techniques she used to bring Tullio Lombardo's sculpture back to life.

This fascinating video shows the extraordinary lengths to which the Met's conservators went to piece the sculpture back together:

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