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Falling for the Ice at Canalside, thinking of buying a bison, and a party on the 11th Day of Christmas

On the sixth day

Happy Sixth Day of Christmas! Buzz is seeing more and more advantages to restoring the tradition of the Twelve Days. Not just so we can bake 12 times as many cookies, although that, too. The big reasons are, we won’t be so rushed, buy so desperately, have to pass on so many things we want to do and give up on yuletide challenges – sending cards, mailing gifts – if we do not have them accomplished by Dec. 25. There should be a Twelve Days of Christmas trend, and it should begin in Buffalo. Perhaps it will. Two people on Christmas wished us a Merry First Day of Christmas. Three people on Friday said, “Happy Second Day of Christmas.” And a lawyer friend invited us to an 11th Day of Christmas party. The invitation had a picture of the 11 pipers piping. Celebrate!

The buffalo in the room

Another good thing about having more days of Christmas: It gives you time to scrape up the bucks for the most excessive, most Buffalo gift imaginable. In a window on the Washington Street side of the Ellicott Square Building, Buzz beheld a lifesize fiberglass bison, such as the ones boasted by certain local businesses, painted white and draped with hearts and flowers. How much is that bison in the window? A sign headlined “Special Limited Offer” said that the bisons are $1,350 painted, or $1,100 unpainted. Delivery is extra, but you would have to have it delivered, as a surprise, otherwise it wouldn’t be as much fun. We called the seller, Specialty Fiberglass, to ask about this offer. We got a machine. All we can think is, there must be a stampede.

Think rink

Another thing we might buy, and luckily it’s a bit cheaper, is a $20 season pass for the Ice at Canalside. Then we are going to scour our basement for the figure skates we know are there somewhere. Howard, the guy we married, tried to throw cold water, or should we say hot water, on our plan. “You could hurt yourself,” he said. And lo, at the rink, we saw that was so. There are cautions in fine print about how skating is dangerous and can lead to injury. An ad by the ice for ECMC. And a tremendous warning sign showing a figure slipping and falling surrounded by snowflakes. Ha, ha! A picture of us. Still, we can’t wait to skate. Look out at the huge crowd of Buffalonians, gliding around en masse, and you start thinking of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates. We love the joke going around Facebook, of the idyllic scene, and the words, “We coulda had a Bass Pro.” Sometimes we win.

The buzz

Supersize us! Admiring the Ice at Canalside, Buzz overheard a guy in a Cheektowaga jacket remarking: “It’s nice, but I thought it would be bigger.” You know what, given all the talk, we thought that, too. But it’s pretty all the same. ... The Sabres’ victory Saturday wasn’t the only great thing about the game. Even better was BPO principal cellist Roman Mekinulov captured dancing with his family on the Jumbotron. “For like 10 seconds,” he bragged. ... ... Fie on Better Homes and Gardens, sending us the January issue, with its headlines about diets and de-cluttering, before the holidays are over. It should be illegal to mail any January magazines until the new year.


“The Official Health Plan For Winter Fun At Canalside.”

– Sponsor’s ad by the Ice at Canalside rink