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Letter: Old TV shows might spur memories of happier days

Old TV shows might spur memories of happier days

I recently visited one of my elderly neighbors at a local nursing home. The atmosphere was very festive for the holidays and the staff was very cordial. However, I made one particular observation that I did not like.

At 11:15 a.m., the residents were watching “The Price Is Right” on a television screen. Many were sitting in wheelchairs all positioned in a semi-circle. Most of them weren’t even aware of what was happening on the show because they were sitting with lap blankets half asleep.

I am not a medical doctor, sociologist or psychologist. But I did take related classes within those disciplines at the university. My theory is that if the nursing home put in a simple TV antenna and turned to channel 49.2, 56.1, 56.2 or 56.3, the replay of television shows the residents watched as their children grew up just might bring back positive reflection and laughter and wake them up.

Doesn’t it make sense that, as your personal freedoms are taken away from you in older age, you may want to do everything possible to hold on to part of your past where you may have had a feeling of contentment, or familiarity with something that made you happy in life? Many of us are going to face that issue one day, sooner than we think.

Robert G. Lewandowski