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Letter: Development will mar Times Beach Preserve

Development will mar Times Beach Preserve

The City of Buffalo has an assortment of treasures to enjoy and share with the world. But one that appears misunderstood is Times Beach Nature Preserve. The land immediately surrounding it is slated for residential development.

Times Beach is a destination, part of an established support system for migrating birds, attracting up to 245 species. In 1987, the New York Department of State designated Times Beach as a significant coastal fish and wildlife habitat within the state. The unusual diversity makes it “one of the most popular bird observation and study sites in the Niagara Frontier,” according to its report.

Situating homes next to the preserve will compromise it with noise, lights, windows, pesticides and lawn sprays. Why tamper with something that is golden? With these facts in mind, why are civic leaders making decisions about a nature preserve when we have many knowledgeable and educated environmentalists who should be consulted with on this issue?

To allow nature and wildlife to flourish would be the decent thing to do. It would also bode well for Buffalo to remember how a significant percentage of Americans, when vacationing, seek out nature for adventure, curiosity, beauty and peacefulness. We can offer that within city limits. At the same time, there exists other space available in the city for economic growth.

Judy Catalano