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Letter: Being eternal enemies hurts both U.S., Cuba

Being eternal enemies hurts both U.S., Cuba

In his letter titled “Obama right to restore full relations with Cuba,” the writer intends to support President Obama’s direction regarding Cuba. I generally agree with his support but disagree with his reasoning. Citing politics, he seems to criticize Republican antagonism of their president, their narrow-mindedness and unfounded belief in a world rid of the Castro brothers.

Though he does say that the politics behind our Cuban policy did not prevent revamped policies regarding Russia or China, he stops short of espousing consistency. More importantly, he supports Obama without saying why it’s good for America to move on. The answer is leadership.

We have jeopardized our moral leadership, and securing it is no second priority. Leadership requires consistency. We must not punish the inheritors of a small, errant, failed regime for another lifetime while having normal relations with their former patrons. Being eternal enemies benefits no one, does it?

Lorenzo Gasbarrini