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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings for Dec. 28

(Last week in parentheses)

1. New England. A non-stop flight from Foxborough to Phoenix is coming soon for these guys. (1)

2. Seattle. Is there any doubt the Seahawks are headed for back-to-back Super Bowls? (2)

3. Dallas. Could this team prove to be the best of the postseason bunch? (4)

4. Green Bay. Deciding NFC North vs. Lions in season finale is how it should be. (8)

5. Detroit. Deciding NFC North vs. Packers in season finale is how it should be. (6)

6. Cincinnati. Are the Bengals finally proving they’ll actually win a playoff game? (12)

7. Denver. Broncos can’t feel comfortable about Peyton Manning or his protection entering playoffs. (3)

8. Pittsburgh. Or maybe this is the most dangerous team entering the postseason. (11)

9. Indianapolis. These guys have “one and done in the playoffs” written all over them. (5)

10. Arizona. Quarterback train wrecks are a bit difficult to overcome. (7)

11. San Diego. Philip Rivers has to be one of the very toughest quarterbacks in the NFL. (15)

12. Houston. Tremendous defense keeps the Texans’ playoff hopes breathing. (17)

13. Miami. Joe Philbin is coming back, but coaching staff could see some changes. (16)

14. Baltimore. At least the Ravens won’t be trying to block J.J. Watt today. (9)

15. Philadelphia. What a dud of a finish for Chip Kelly’s up-tempo, high-energy offensive approach. (10)

16. Kansas City. Even after losing four of last five, Chiefs cling to hope of another playoff season. (14)

17. Buffalo. No excuse for that Black Hole sink. (13)

18. Carolina. Hey, momentum’s momentum and the Panthers have it. (22)

19. N.Y. Giants. At last, Giants are showing the kind of offense they expected to display much sooner. (21)

20. Atlanta. Falcons’ defense needs to build on strong effort vs. Drew Brees. (23)

21. New Orleans. Lots of repairs needed to make this team viable again. (19)

22. San Francisco. All signs point to Jim Harbaugh coaching final game for Niners today. (20)

23. Cleveland. Pretty bad when you can’t convince Rex Grossman to take $56,000 for one day. (18)

24. St. Louis. Year after year, this team seems to kill itself with mistakes. (24)

25. Minnesota. Record notwithstanding, future looks bright for these guys. (25)

26. Oakland. Raiders’ all-out effort to bitter end of this bitter season is impressive. (29)

27. Jacksonville. Hey, Blake, that toughness you’ve shown will be put to a serious test today. (27)

28. Washington. RGIII is making an effort to finish strong. (28)

29. Chicago. Welcome back, Jay. It seems like only yesterday ... (26)

30. Tennessee. Closing in on that second overall draft pick. (30)

31. N.Y. Jets. It’s never good when football consultants get involved. (31)

32. Tampa Bay. Gearing up for that No. 1 pick. (32)

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