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Trio give second jobs a spin at new Buffalo cycling gym

As if their demanding jobs are not enough, three friends and part-time fitness instructors have decided to take a crack at their own business.

Revolution Indoor Cycling – at 1109 Delaware Ave., in the Carriage House behind the Boyd Mansion, set off on its holiday schedule this week.

Rochester native Colleen Kirk, 30, and Rachel McCrone, and Amanda Moses, both 27, Amherst natives and former classmates at Sacred Heart Academy, have launched the business together after teaching spinning and other group classes at the Holland Family Jewish Community Center, also on Delaware, and other gyms in the region.

“We we’re friends and all spent a lot more time together through the fitness world. We were teaching at various places and we decided we do it all the time anyway so we may as well be our own bosses,” Moses said.

The trio has spent the last several years juggling professional careers and fitness class instruction, so they feel right at home in the confines of the carriage house, which most recently served as a gym.

They will host a grand opening party from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday.

Revolution will offer cycling classes and TRX, at times combining both into a single class. The young women will teach the classes before and after their full-time jobs. See their schedule and rates at

They’ll be closed on Sundays. “That’s a day of rest,” they said in unison.

They’re also rolling out features designed to support and pamper, including the ability to reserve a bike for classes online, offering cold-pressed juices from Newberry Street Café on Elmwood Avenue and, after workouts, a chance to freshen up in the restroom with items from Renew Bath and Body, also on Elmwood.

“We think the little details are very important. We spend a lot of time traveling and checking out other places and the things that stuck out to us were those amenities,” McCrone said.

Each of the new owners has business experience that they said helped launch them into the new project.

Kirk has been a copywriter for eight years in the global branding department for a company in the Southtowns. She has a communications degree from the University at Buffalo. She and her husband got jobs in the Buffalo area after they graduated and decided to stay.

Moses holds an accounting degree from Niagara University. She is a CPA who specializes in international tax work with Lumsden & McCormack.

McCrone has a marketing and international business degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is a shopper and customer management marketing specialist at Rich Products.

The three have grown closer in recent years as they ended up taking classes together at the JCC, Fierce Fitness on Ashland Avenue and other clubs.

“We want people to feel the same way at Revolution – that you meet a whole new group of friends through fitness,” Moses said. “That’s how we became so close and we wanted other people to have that opportunity.”

McCrone came up with the name.

“Revolution encompassed a lot of things with the spin bikes ... and it also signifies revolutionizing your body, the way that you think,” she said. “Revolutionizing the community. One of our big taglines is ‘Start your revolution, whatever your revolution is.’ If it’s with your mind and you need to get in here or your body and you need to change ... that’s what we really wanted to encompass.”

The women believe that message is shared in their slogan: Mind. Body. Community.

Kirk said the women want to make the cycling center a “community-oriented gym.”

“We want to drive to create social relationships in our classes because there’s something really motivating about having somebody that’s counting on you to be there, or a friendly face that’s waiting for you at 5:45 in the morning, or 7 in the evening after a grueling day in the office.”

Along with their group classes, the owners in their first year in business also plan a series of “community rides” to benefit nonprofits in Buffalo.

The first will take place at 8 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 31, when 10 people will be given the opportunity to take a free cycling class and, after a brief break, walk to the nearby Ronald McDonald House, where they will tackle some clean-up and organizational work.

Revolution also plans similar events to benefit Grassroots Gardens and Habitat for Humanity in the coming months.

“We wanted to make it easier” for people to volunteer, Kirk said.

In that spirit of community, the new indoor cycling center also is partnering with Fierce Fitness on discount two-gym packages. Anyone who buys a 20-pack with Revolution can get a three-year reduced membership at Fierce Fitness. Also offered will be 10- or 20-pack classes, half of which can be used at each gym. Fierce offers classes in TRX, yoga and battle ropes.

Here’s how Kirk described TRX suspension band training: “TRX is a gravity-based suspension system for strength training workouts. You increase or decrease the difficulty of your workout based on your angle to the anchor point. You can do upper body, lower body, cardio moves. The way it’s all structured is your constantly activating your core muscles to maintain the different positions. So even you’re not doing a sit-up or a plank, you’re still getting that core activation that’s so important for daily movement and fitness.”

See a short video on TRX here.

The 1,100-square foot Revolution has 20 LeMond RevMaster indoor cycling bikes and 10 TRX straps – and now they’re ready to roll.

“It’s really easy to start your journey into fitness based on what you look like and the results you see in the mirror,” Kirk said, “but it’s about so much more than that. Those results are really rewarding – we’re not going to lie – but having mental clarity and involvement with your community seeps over into all the aspects of your life. When you have all of those in balance, you can be a good mom, a good dad, a good partner, a good friend, a good employee.”


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