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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Baer Road, Burnell S. Stuchell; Linda K. Stuchell to Sebastian Czerny, $263,000.

• Lockport Road, Catherine Kell; Robert Pepperday to Lenee Bull; James Bull, $204,580.

• 5003 Saunders Settlement Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jaclyn Bolstad, $132,355.


• Center St., 442-446 Center St. Inc. to Brookhaven Trust 3456, $270,000.

• Creek Road Extension, Paul Todd; Marie Todd to Barbara Kozlowski, $170,100.

• Mohawk St. & 2nd St., Gretchen I. Morgan; Jack E. Morgan to Sheri Jackson; Benjamin R. Sicoli, $158,000.

• River Road & Chicora Road, Shelly Reed to Mark Williams, $125,000.


• Pine St., Lawrence E. Beidle; Rosemary Beidle to Kristin Reetz; Thomas Reetz, $84,900.

• East Union St., Louis E. Raymond; Gene L. Raymond; Eleanore R. Raymond to Laura Carter; Brian Carter, $70,000.

• Corinthia St. & Washington St. & Hawley St., Lynnette M. Haley O’Stewart; Lynnette M. Haley to Diana L. Weeks, $69,000.

• 154 Waterman St., Marcelene D. Hendrick to Fannie Mae, $59,466.

• Ontario St. & Niagara St., John Yakich; Laureen K. Yakich to Clarissa Yakich; Brennen Yakich, $45,361.

• Green St., Elisabeth M. Vieldhouse to Lanesia J. Wittenzellner, $44,000.

• 290 Niagara St., Karen S. Hundshamer to Bank Midfirst, $25,885.

TOWN OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $368,000 Average price: $173,278 Median price: $155,000 Number of Sales: 9

• 6441 Dysingner Road, Lockport Town Square Llc to Child Care Centers of Western New York Inc., $368,000.

• Murphy Road, Allison M. Fout; Chad M. Fout to Amanda Bichsel; Stephen J. Bichsel, $240,000.

• Akron Road, Bradley D. Paxton to Scott D. Walker; Alexandra J. Butler, $175,500.

• Murphy Road, John S. Yakich; Laureen K. Yakich to Phillip Pines; Lacey Pines, $160,000.

• Hinman Road, Lenee Bull; James Bull to Gwendolyn N. Obrien; Shawn D. Obrien, $155,000.

• Transit Road, Pour Boyz; Pour Boyz Grill and Tap Room; Eat and Have Fun Inc. to Noco Properties, $155,000.

• Candlewood Drive, Samuel A. Williams to Amy E. Garver, $150,000.

• 6534 Slayton Settlement Road, Jane Marie Vaslet; Samuel J. Walker to Tracy Anne Borrasca, $86,000.

• Jennifer Drive & Aaron Drive, First Niagara Bank to Sugar Ray Robinson; Diane L. Robinson, $70,000.


• Ewings Road & McKee Road, Lee D. Samson; Linda M. Samson to Stewart A. Betteridge; Katie S. Betteridge, $275,000.

• Fuller Road, Katie Sue Betteridge to Robert C. Horanburg; Shannon C. Quenan, $123,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $250,000 Average price: $57,536 Median price: $39,330 Number of Sales: 19

• Robert Drive, Louis Distefano to Christel T. Perry, $250,000.

• 8718 Munson Ave., Robert J. Mettler to Elizabeth Roberts; Antonio White, $122,000.

• 91st St., David L. Foster; Linda J. Foster to Steven T. Barnes; Liudmila V. Barnes, $103,000.

• Macklem Ave., George E. Miller; Catherine A. Kulbago to Nicole S. Ingrasci, $97,700.

• West Rivershore Drive, Audrey J. Adams to Surabhi Chawla, $89,000.

• Niagara St., Michael Mctyere to Sahota International Limited, $65,000.

• 4919 Tuscarora Road, Viola M. Taylor to Christina Leta, $60,000.

• 24th St Pierce Ave., Marjorie I. Traxler to Michelle Northington, $52,000.

• 1539 Lasalle Ave., Abbotsinch Llc to Eliram & Tamar Azulay Llc, $49,500.

• 1860 South Ave., Ronald T. Williams to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $39,330.

• 2515 Falls St., Christopher Plennert to Pensco Trust Company; Linda Canazzi, $27,000.

• 620 23rd St., Chris Plennert; Denise Plennert to Pensco Trust Company; Linda Canazzi, $27,000.

• 1109 20th St., Trudy L. Casper to Ralph T. Pescrillo, $25,000.

• 543 6th St. & 607 Walnut Ave., City School District of City of Niagara Falls to Walnut Avenue Homes Housing Development Fund Corp., $20,000.

• 740 16th St., Domenic Romeo; Mary Romeo to Wing Properties, $20,000.

• 748 16th St., Domenic Romeo; Mary Romeo to Wing Properties, $20,000.

• 2229 Pierce Ave., Robert E. James; Suzanne J. James to Bank of America, $14,651.

• 1111 20th St., Scott F. Brady to Ralph T. Pescrillo, $7,000.

• 18th St., Mike Johnson to Ape City Llc, $5,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $320,000 Average price: $132,300 Median price: $109,800 Number of Sales: 10

• Moll St., Mary E. Churder; Paul M. Churder to Stephanie Weldy; Gregory C. Weldy, $320,000.

• Brentwood Drive, Tracey A. Pizza; Frank A. Pizza III to Jonathan D. Urbaniak; Danielle M. Labue, $176,800.

• River Road, James J. Fluker to Melissa Durfey; Neil Durfey, $150,000.

• 16 Forbes Terrace, Winona Stonebraker; James Stonebraker to Robert Jachimiak, $128,000.

• Adelaide Place, Colby Damon; Colby Ziegler to Thomas M. Sumera, $119,000.

• Hagen Ave., Paula Stroyan; Kim Lewien; Renee M. Prohaska; Rene Prohaska; Paula Neidlinger to Keith R. Kaluzny, $100,600.

• Forbes Terrace, Jennifer Sattelberg; Randy W. Sattelberg; Douglas L. Sattelberg; Bruce N. Sattelberg; Patricia A. Marki; Gary L. Sattelberg Jr. to Douglas L. Sattelberg, $100,000.

• 3rd Ave., Musayeva Ismira; Khalil F. Chakhoyev to Ronald Darnley, $96,600.

• Payne Ave., Patrick F. Zachary to Leonard M. Soldano, $95,000.

• 220 Bryant St., Nationstar Mortgage to Arthur Home Buyers, $37,000.


• 5346 Oakwood Drive, Beverly J. Wollaber; Kenneth L. Wollaber to Andrea L. Wick, $106,000.

• Meyer Road, Audrey D. Duscher; Allen C. Duscher to Stephen A. Ostapowicz; Deborah D. Ostapowicz, $16,000.


• 400 Riverview Drive, Daniel S. Meagher; Bonnie L. Meagher to Kelly M. Pfalzer; Brad N. Pfalzer; Howard E. Shipston, $247,000.


• Orangeport Road, Craig Schafer; Charles Schafer; Rick Schafer to Clinton W. Lewis, $107,500.


• 1151 Hartland Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nancy Mularz; Joseph Mularz, $86,000.


• Joann Court, Cathy S. Schwarzberg; Saul Schwarzberg to Ronnie C. Mansour, $265,000.

• Norman Road, Mary Jo Martin; Mary Jo Clinton to Shawn M. Sweeney; Stephanie M. Sweeney, $259,900.

• Creek View Court Alder Creek Condo, Unit 2749-C, Rosal Construction Co. Inc. to Rose Coccionitti, $209,800.