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Letters for Dec. 28

Success for Bills starts with better quarterback

The Bills’ brass failed to address their biggest need this year and that is getting a franchise quarterback. Their thin hopes of making the playoffs ended in Oakland.

The defense, which has been playing magnificent all year, is the reason for its recent success. If the Bills had a decent quarterback, who knows where they can go?

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Loss to Raiders proved Bills are not a playoff team

As a Bills fan since 1960, the loss to the Raiders tops them all. If you lose a important game against a 2-12 team you should know you have a problem on your team.

It’s time for Doug Marrone and Doug Whaley to pack their suitcases and go. This was Marrone’s second season and all we got was more excuses.

What did Marrone see in Kyle Orton? After his performance against the Raiders I see why the other teams got rid of him. You have players like Fred Jackson and Kyle Williams do a lot of talking but they cannot be consistent on the field from week to week.

Last May Whaley called this team a playoff team. This had to be the biggest joke of them all. Marrone and Whaley, you’re not fooling anybody with your excuses.

Stanley Marlinski


Three important items on this Christmas list

My son and I moved to Buffalo from New Jersey on Jan. 1, 1991. We knew little about Western New York except this was where we were meant to live. Over the years, WNY has become our favorite place and there is no place we would rather be.

Football is a thread that intertwines the people who live here. I have had 15 years of dashed hopes and have lowered my football expectations. But then each fall, hope springs alive that this might be a meaningful year for our team.

Russ Brandon told us in 2013 with eloquence that our new coach, Doug Marrone, would bring insight, analytics and progressive thinking to our team.

Marrone appears very serious in his endeavors but has given us a lackluster year with ultra conservative coaching calls. In addition, if you listen closely, every fan is screaming, “We need a quarterback!” The only fun this year was watching our defense play. Thank you, Mr. Schwartz.

So finally to my “All I want for Christmas wish.” Mr. and Mrs. Pegula: Give us a team that can be a quality product that will shine in the NFL and bring us back to the belief that we have a team that can compete. You are the entrepreneurs in business. Please execute those skills to produce a team that can win.

All I want for Christmas is: 1. A quarterback that can play. 2. An effective coach. 3. Help to keep our defensive coordinator here who made extraordinary gains with our defense.

Kathy Coe


Coaching staff has left a lot to be desired

Once again disappointment, but for most of us no big surprise.

The Bills beat Green Bay so does that mean we should keep Doug Marrone, who in my opinion is inept as a pro football coach? Do we want to wait until he gets better? I hope not.

He has proved himself by not asserting himself with better playcalling and not ridding himself of Nathaniel Hackett from the beginning. Jim Schwartz, who some believe is a defensive icon, in my opinion is mediocre at best.

Marrone tolerates unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and continues to make excuses for players who should be benched. Now his excuse for a poor game against Oakland was because of the offensive line. Where has he been this season, just find that out?

No question we need help offensively on the line but how about a QB? Kyle Orton as we all know is not any better that EJ Manuel. The frustration from the play of both quarterbacks was intolerable along with the coaching abilities of Marrone and Hackett.

If the Pegulas decide not to at least replace Marrone, Hackett and Doug Whaley, then they really do have money to burn.

Ray Spasiano


Poor coaching cost Bills from reaching postseason

Doug Marrone and Nate Hackett were brought here for being offensive gurus, yet where are we two years later?

The entire offensive line has completely regressed, the QB situation is in shambles and they refuse to run on third-and-1. Epic losses to Kansas City, (after a bye week), Miami, Houston and now Oakland assures us of a staggering 15-year playoff drought. Combined with the annual Russ Brandon speech about being one or two players away and public perception of “we just missed the playoffs” will all but assure Marrone and his staff will be retained next season.

This “was” a playoff team, squandered away by poor coaching. If Mr. Pegula has any sense, he will cut the cord and start fresh before we waste another two years finding out our head coach is better suited for college.

Darren Syracuse


Running game is easier to fix than quarterback

I certainly agree with all the pundits that we need a franchise quarterback. OK, now where do we get one?

You certainly don’t draft one, let him play 10 or 12 games, then draft another and repeat the process forever. You have to draft one (Manuel), keep him for three or four years and he doesn’t pan out, then try drafting another one.

Instead, why don’t we address a problem that is far easier to fix and we won’t have to worry about the quarterback problem? The running game is the real problem.

If we could have had a better average per carry, we’d be in the playoffs. Just think about how much better we’d be on third down and also in the red zone.

So what’s the problem? Whaley brought in offensive linemen in last year but it didn’t work out. Is it the players or the O-line coach or the scheme or maybe the offensive coordinator?

But not to worry, Coach Marrone was an offensive lineman and I’m sure he knows what the problem is. I just hope he doesn’t become the martyr Wade Phillips was and if the answer is to replace a coach or two, he would do it.

Manny LoPresto Sr.


Time may be here to give Schwartz a shot

“This is our time!”, the Buffalo Bills slogan cried out for this year. Well it’s the Buffalo Bills’ defense time. For they are playing like true champions. Equal to any NFL team’s defense, giving fits to the top NFL team offenses.

I wish the offense could be the Bills’ defense equal, but sadly the Bills offense is mediocre, sometimes below average. It was a Red Zone disaster.

I’m sure many fans want more creative daring coaching on the offensive side of the ball. It can happen with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz as the new head coach, He has proven to be a true winner, whom the Bills defensive players rally around.

We need the entire Bills team to rally around Schwartz’s positive winning attitude. It goes without saying that many other NFL teams are looking at Schwartz’s winning coaching style with envy, and are eying him for a head coach position. The real tragedy would be for us to lose this him to another team.

Ronald Keneske


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