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He wrote, she wrote

News flash: Married couples disagree from time to time.

But it’s rare to see those arguments spill into the pages of the local newspaper.

As noted by Buffalo Pundit blogger Alan Bedenko, the Clarence Bee over the last two weeks has published dueling letters to the editor from Michael and Sharon Patterson.

Mr. Patterson chimed in first, in the Dec. 17 edition, when he took exception with the backers of a $32.9 million Clarence School District capital project for claiming that the project would cost local taxpayers only $8.9 million because the state would pick up the rest of the bill.

The state portion also is taxpayer money, he argued, “unless the district has found a way to print money.”

One week later, Clarence Bee readers found a strongly worded response from Mrs. Patterson, a former vice president of the Clarence School Board, that began with an apology “to the children and the parents” of the district for her husband’s letter.

She contended district taxpayers pay state taxes, and the money would go to another district if it wasn’t spent in Clarence.

Reached this week by Off Main Street, Mrs. Patterson said the letter flap showed couples can agree to disagree on important issues.

“That actually makes for a healthy marriage,” she said.

Mr. Patterson, we presume, is smart enough to let his wife have the last word.

‘Speedy Tweety’

OK. We’ve kidded Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz in the past – right here in this very spot – about his strong devotion to Twitter, but it’s not often we get to hear others expound on it.

To date, Poloncarz has racked up more than 12,400 tweets and counting. However, we never thought about appending a nickname to the county executive because of his predilection. Fortunately, someone else has.

In a recent interview with The News, County Legislature Chairman John Mills shared his amusement over Poloncarz’s tweeting frenzy within seconds of lawmakers having unanimously passed an amended version of the county executive’s 2015 budget proposal earlier this month.

Members of the Republican-aligned majority – who had introduced the small tax rate decrease to the amended plan – didn’t even have time to crow about it on Twitter before Poloncarz beat them to the punch and tweeted it first.

“I call him ‘Tweety,’ ” Mills said.

It turns out Poloncarz is not only prolific on Twitter; he’s also fast.

Perhaps, the chairman might want to amend that appendage slightly by calling the county executive “Speedy Tweety” instead.

Off Main Street is written by Harold McNeil, with a contribution by Stephen T. Watson.