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Letter: Workers who lost pay should be helped, too

Workers who lost pay should be helped, too

Where is the November storm assistance for the paycheck-to-paycheck taxpayer? I read about Sen. Charles Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Brian Higgins congratulating themselves and patting each other on the backs. For what? Getting reimbursement for local governments, big and small businesses loans and homeowners loans?

How about letting the average Joe apply for one week of unemployment? I tried unsuccessfully to apply by phone and online this week for three hours. The computers (because ironically there aren’t any humans working anymore) at the unemployment insurance department are impossible to deal with. When will the average Joe who has worked his whole life paying into unemployment insurance be able to apply for one week’s worth? That paycheck I didn’t get during the storm was the one for Christmas gifts for my family.

Frank Kolbmann