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Letter: It’s likely that mankind created the notion of God

It’s likely that mankind created the notion of God

In a recent Viewpoints piece, the writer sought to reconcile the Big Bang with the notion of a God-created universe. He reasoned that since “nothing could not create something,” there must have been something (God) in existence prior to the Big Bang. And where did God come from? The writer tells us that God, somehow, has always existed and did not need to be created. But if it is possible for something to have always existed, wouldn’t a simpler explanation, one that does not require a supernatural being, be that the universe itself has, in some form, always existed?

Our common sense may tell us that something cannot come from nothing. However, common sense once told us that the Earth was flat and that the sun revolved around it. Even accepting that something cannot come from nothing, it seems a long leap from there to belief in a specific creation myth, supernatural being and scripture.

Many cultures in mankind’s history have developed sets of creation myths and supernatural beings. These belief systems served man’s social and political needs, and answered unsettling questions about life and death. My guess is that man created the notion of God (often in his own image), and that our species will become extinct before we figure out if or how our universe came to be.

Larry Scott

South Wales