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Dear Abby: Mother-in-law texts to protest treatment

Dear Abby: I’ve been doing my mother-in-law’s hair for the last seven years. I became very busy with clients and had her double-booked in between clients because she wasn’t a paying customer. She felt “shuffled around” and decided to text me, telling me she will go to another hairdresser.

I’m hurt and don’t understand why she wouldn’t communicate this to me directly so we could have worked something out. What’s the best way to handle this?

– Hairdresser in California

Dear Hairdresser: Talk with her directly. Tell her you received her text and the snub wasn’t intentional. One would think she’d realize you were doing her a favor by working her in, but if she can’t understand that, then perhaps it’s better she see another stylist. Accept it and move on.

Rushed off the phone

Dear Abby: My daughter calls me (hands-free) when she is driving in her car. We have lively conversations and I enjoy her calls. However, she is always either running errands or on her way to work when she calls. I can be in the middle of a sentence when she announces, “Oops, Mom, I’ve reached my destination. Gotta go. Love you!”

Am I wrong to feel she is “fitting” me in? Or should I just be happy for the call?

A Mom in Connecticut

Dear Mom: It may seem like your daughter is “fitting you in,” but at least she ends the conversations with an expression of love. If her schedule is busy, her drive time may be the optimum time for her to talk privately. So be happy – it’s better than never hearing from her at all.

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