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Letter: Brose’s punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Brose’s punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Are you kidding me? Two years’ probation for Lawrence Brose, who had 1,300 images of child pornography on his computer! I was arrested about the same time as Brose and charged with a Felony E for having 32 pictures. My plea deal consisted of giving up my New York State teacher’s license, 10 years’ probation and 20 years on the sex-offender register.

My time with probation and parole was a nightmare. I spent 31 months on taxpayers’ money in the state prison system. The outside counseling for sex offenders is a joke. I learned the who, what, where and why of my problem while attending my mandatory group sessions at Collins Correctional.

How many years did Brose’s case drag on? How much money did he spend on the best attorney in Western New York? I guess their strategy worked. No jail time and, most importantly, no sex-offender status.

Joe Ciminelli

West Seneca