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Letter: Area needs to invest in renewable energy

Area needs to invest in renewable energy

As he announced the ban on hydrofracking, Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked: “What can we do in [the Southern Tier] to generate jobs, generate wealth … as an alternative to fracking?”

Two days later, the Energy Information Agency published the answer to Cuomo’s excellent question. The only energy sector experiencing job increases is renewable energy. Solar jobs are increasing annually at a rate of 57 percent, wind at 4.6 percent, biomass at 5.7 percent and geothermal at 2.6 percent. By contrast, fossil fuel, nuclear and hydro jobs are decreasing annually by an average of 1.5 percent.

The EIA report also suggests that converting coal plants to natural gas reduces jobs, thus adding to the mantra that natural gas is a gangplank to global warming, wasted investment and, now, the pink slip.

Cuomo needs to raise that gangplank and sail toward the sun, the wind and geothermal energy. For the first time in human existence, we no longer need to disembowel the earth for fuel, burn it to create electricity and leave toxic time bombs for current and future generations.

The cost of renewable fuels is absolutely zero, employment in renewable energy will be bountiful and the cost to ratepayers – forever – will be very low.

Charley Bowman

Chairman, Renewable Energy Task

Force, WNY Peace Center