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Letter: New ice rink is terrific, but skate bikes don’t fit

New ice rink is terrific, but skate bikes don’t fit

Adding the smoothly slippery surface of the Canalside rink to the ice at RiverWorks and Rotary rink completes Buffalo’s trifecta of exceptional chiller-assisted outdoor ponds.

However, the skate bikes at Canalside belong like paddle boats in a crowded swimming pool. In limited space among skaters of all levels, skate bikes present less nimble and very rigid roving obstacles. As such, they detract from the overall safety and enjoyment of the experience for everyone else.

Before even one kid gets injured or one senior gets knocked down, the managers of Canalside should abandon skate bike rentals during public skating hours.

For bikers, the option of nearby waterfront trails offers gliding enthusiasts ever-changing vistas, rather than the cyclical view achieved by pedaling around in tight circles alongside locomotion-challenged pedestrians.

If fellow skating enthusiasts choose to share an occupied and enclosed ice space of less than a quarter-mile in length, they may experience great joy and frosty cold exhilaration in navigating the frozen water from a precarious perch upon sharpened shoes. Canalside probably has your size in stock.

Marty J. Walters