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Buffalo may ‘win’ Weather Channel online contest, but no snow expected for Christmas

The weather joke could be on The Weather Channel on Christmas Day – and not Buffalo.

Naturally, our city had a “landslide lead” in the channel’s online contest that posed the question: “Who Gets a White Christmas?”

That was the word Tuesday from a spokesperson for The Weather Channel.

Our area was a heavy favorite competing against Chicago, Philadelphia, Omaha and Little Rock to have the honor to be the location of a series of holiday-themed segments that will air throughout TWC’s live shows on Christmas Day and Friday.

How heavy a favorite? About as heavy as seven feet of snow on a roof in November.

Considering the November storm is still etched in viewers’ memories, it is no surprise that Buffalo had a huge lead Tuesday in the Weather Channel online poll”

A week ago, the spokesperson said that on Christmas Day and Friday, TWC will share the results of the poll on air and focus much of its winter coverage around the winning city.

What would Buffalo win?

“We will give the winning city a lot of on-air focus and attention during those two days” on “Wake Up with Al,” “AMHG (America’s Morning Headquarters), “Weather Center Live” and on, the Weather Channel spokesperson said a week ago.

But considering the temperature approached 60 degrees in Buffalo on Wednesday morning and the new ice rink at Canalside had to be closed because of the near record high temperatures, the laughs could be on The Weather Channel Thursday unless things change very quickly.

The bigger weather issue here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is expected to be high winds and not snow, according to forecasters.

According to The Weather Channel, snowflakes have fallen on five of the past 10 Christmases in Buffalo and the area has experienced a white Christmas for seven of the past 10 years. Unless there is a Christmas surprise, forecasters suggest it looks like it will be seven out of 11 Thursday.