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Letter: Marine Drive Apartments must be better maintained

Marine Drive Apartments must be better maintained

The Canalside skating rink is another great addition to the waterfront. The exception is the lack of maintenance and care of the Marine Drive Apartments by the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. Once a shining example of waterfront housing, it has slowly deteriorated under BMHA management. Buildings and grounds, snow plowing and security have systematically been eliminated. Former Mayor Jim Griffin saw the importance of this complex and instituted a self-managed co-op at this once “jewel of the waterfront.” It was a perfect example of the city population. Seniors, families and singles, including ethnic and racial diversity, lived in harmony.

Local leaders need to step up and demand the improvements necessary to restore the complex to reflect what a good neighbor should add to the other improvements. I’m sure there are a small number of residents who would like to see the complex disappear. It has always been a reaction of a certain segment of the population. My response is always the same: Everyone deserves to live near the water, not just the wealthy.

Joe Mascia