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Letter: Canceling movie release means America has lost

Canceling movie release means America has lost

Sony has stopped the release of the new movie “The Interview.” The reason for this is that theaters will not show the film due to threats of a reminder of Sept. 11, 2001. North Korea threatened a worse horror than what we saw then; something that will never leave our memory.

My wife watched the national news and said, “We just lost!” She is right. When we fold to demands made by a nation that is not in tune with the rest of the planet and stay to the safe side, we have lost. We just lost more freedom. The freedom of speech. Our own government knows who the perpetrators are.

Now if any person, country or just plain fool threatens us, and we change, we have lost. It’s time to say no, and stand up and be counted. Do not let them do this to us. They just opened up the flood gates.

John Swarbrick

Orchard Park