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Letter: Amp is one of a kind, ought to be preserved

Amp is one of a kind, ought to be preserved

Chautauqua Institution President Thomas Becker’s letter in response to Donn Esmonde’s column is typical of bureaucrats who are more concerned with their own convenience than any sort of responsibility to history.

The amphitheater at Chautauqua is not a museum at all but a living organism that has the sweat, blood and even DNA of more than a century of humanity in every wooden plank. And as uncomfortable as it may be for some to sit on, it tells the story of our lives.

I reckon after Becker obliterates this one-of-a-kind, this last thing of its kind anywhere, we can direct him to Home Depot to buy vinyl siding for the Atheneum. Painting can be such a chore, you know.

David Derner