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Get Fried opening fry-centered store at Galleria

French fries have long been one of the basic American food groups, judged by sheer tonnage consumed in these United States. Why did it take so long for their intoxicatingly crispy potential to be properly exploited in Buffalo?

Hot on the heels of the news that Just Fries will open on Genesee Street, a second french-fry-centered eatery called Get Fried has announced that it will join the Galleria food court in February.

Owners Chris Covelli and Garrett Green have already decided that Cheektowaga will be just the beginning. The partners are also pursuing for a flagship location in downtown Buffalo. Then there are the franchise possibilities, which Get Fried will offer once the first stores are open.

“The toppings are what make our fries, and they’re quick,” said manager Dave Taylor, who has experience in managing fast food operations. The fryer oil will be non-GMO and filtered twice a day, for a cleaner taste, Taylor said.

It’s the Chipotle model applied to fried potatoes. Customers will start with a choice of straight fries, waffle cut fries or sweet potato fries, and go down the line to build their order. Add pulled pork, shredded chicken ground beef or chili. Then eaters can choose from 24 more sauces and seasonings like sweet chipotle seasoning, Nutella, hummus or truffle oil, hopefully not at the same time.

There’s also specialty combinations like pepperoni mozzarella fries, fish and chips, and of course, poutine.

The initial menu for Get Fried. (Click for a larger image)

The initial menu for Get Fried. (Click for a larger image)

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