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Buffalo district still struggling to meet phys ed requirements

Earlier this month, the Buffalo School Board got an update on where the district stands in meeting state regulations regarding mandated physical education classes. The first page of the report provided to the board, below, nicely outlines the difference between what the state requires and where the district stands in attempting to meet those requirements.

In kindergarten through sixth grades, the district is still out of compliance with state requirements.

The update also outlines the five-year phase-in plan the district is undertaking to meet state requirements. Altogether, the cost to the district would exceed $12 million.

Board member Jason McCarthy also pointed out that while some schools self-reported that they have increased their physical education staffing levels, the district has actually seen an overall decline in gym teachers as a result of the school-based budgeting process, the district has actually slightly shrunk its overall physical education staff.

Here's the physical education report:

Phys Ed Compliance Report 2014-15

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