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Letter: Will needs to consider unintended consequences

Will needs to consider unintended consequences

Reading George Will’s column “A Texas size plate dispute” reminded me of a situation from about a dozen years ago when my request for a license plate for my RV reading “WHT TRSH” was rejected and a subsequent request for “TRL TRSH” was also rejected as “reflecting poorly on the state of New York.” At the same time, a car was cruising West Seneca with “GET DRUNK” on the plate.

But I digress. If Will were to have his way, custom license plates would constitute unlimited free speech. Think of the possibilities! We could have swastikas, Klan white hoods, black power fists, perhaps even images of an airplane imbedded in the World Trade Center for those with terrorist leanings. As for the messages in text, oh what hate we could spew! Road rage could be brought to an entirely new level. I can hardly wait.

Clearly, Will has never heard of unintended consequences.

David Kiefer II