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Letter: Results can be deadly, so don’t drink and drive

Results can be deadly, so don’t drink and drive

In every state, it’s illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, yet some people seem to think they’re above the law and get behind the wheel anyway. Tragically, some of those drivers – or innocent victims simply sharing the road – don’t make it home.

While the holiday season is a special time to celebrate with family and friends, we must remain aware that it’s also a time when crashes caused by alcohol- or drug-impaired drivers increase dramatically.

For something so serious, the solution is quite simple. Before you attend that office party or holiday open house, make a plan to get home safely. If you plan on drinking, designate a sober driver ahead of time and leave your keys at home, or program the phone number of a reliable friend or local taxi service in your phone. And help others be responsible, too. If someone you know is drinking, do not let that person get behind the wheel! As someone who works with individuals convicted of alcohol- and drug-related driving violations, you can believe me when I tell you that they will thank you for taking the time to care.

Sitting around the holiday table with family and friends is a great time. Sitting in the back of a police car is not. Be proactive and plan ahead, and let’s keep impaired drivers off the road this holiday season and beyond!

Monica A. Farrar

Program Director

Resource Training Center