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Letter: Punishing lawyer doesn’t make sense

Punishing lawyer doesn’t make sense

Let me get this straight. Dennis M. McGrath is a lawyer who is authorized to practice in Ohio and in federal court based in Buffalo, but he might go to jail for 15 years because he is not eligible in Buffalo to work for indigent people.

Even Dr. James Corasanti got only eight months for driving while intoxicated and killing Alex Rice. Does this really make sense?

Is this a paper slip-up? Do you think the guy would really lie so he could make a few bucks helping people who can’t afford a lawyer? This is not a shoe salesman who thought he might like to be a lawyer for a while. This guy is a real lawyer in Ohio and is certified to practice in federal court here in Buffalo.

Who was the famous person quoted as saying “the law is a ass”? He was right.

Whitey Nichols