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Letter: Many cannot afford soaring drug prices

Many cannot afford soaring drug prices

I’m so distraught with the prices that drug companies charge for medication. I am well aware that developing, researching and testing drugs and getting FDA approval costs money. However, there is still a markup on drugs. I am a retired nurse. Too often I heard patients tell me they couldn’t afford their meds, therefore they didn’t take them.

A close friend has a rescue pet who has developed diabetes. Like humans, he needs insulin. Her vet prescribed Lantus insulin. She went to several human pharmacies to fill the script. The price for one month was $300! I doubt many of us could afford that amount every month. Her choice is to surrender him, hoping someone would adopt him who could afford the meds, or put him down – neither of which she wants to do.

I called the drug company that produces this drug. It felt bad, but only has some measures to help humans, nothing for pets. Price gouging by drug companies needs to be looked at.

I still believe in Christmas miracles, and I’m hoping for one for my friend and her beloved pet.

JoAnn Calandra

East Amherst