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Letter: Obama right to restore full relations with Cuba

Obama right to restore full relations with Cuba

This move by President Obama is decades overdue and welcomed by those who don’t hate the president or fear the wrath of some of the more staunch anti-Castros in Little Havana in Miami and elsewhere. The Cuban people have not benefited from our embargo efforts nor have they been protected from any Castro actions. Certainly, the Castro brothers have not suffered.

The Cuban Blockade and some of our other military maneuvers led to the missiles being removed 50 years ago. Yet politics has kept us from changing our relations with Cuba not so with Russia or China. Why? The Republican goal of undermining President Obama is so overriding that they fail to even consider the larger picture in this case. Their policy appears to be let the Castro brothers die then all will be right in the Cuban world. That is failed thinking.

Richard Frazita