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Letter: A Christmas wish for peace and fair, honest leaders

A Christmas wish for peace and fair, honest leaders

Three things jumped out at me while reading the Dec. 13 News. First, some of Buffalo’s finest, who aren’t so fine when they use their force and powers the wrong way, are making a very bad name for all of the decent, fair, stick-to-their training brothers of our protection.

Secondly, the very thought of another Bush running for president enrages me beyond words. Jeb’s brother, George W., and the horrible Dick Cheney sure cleaned up big-time with their Haliburton connections. And the 6,800-plus deaths so far of those sent in to fight in this useless, hopeless situation are sickening. Please spare us from another Bush.

And lastly, Beth Lynne Hoskins. Thankfully, she is finally in jail. But sadly, she received only a 90-day sentence, for which she will most likely be released after 60 days. What a “sweetheart” deal. I still get sickened at the pain, neglect and horrendous treatment her horses suffered under her “care.” I strongly believe money talks.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and keep on praying for peace and a more fair, honest bunch of leaders to emerge.

Janet Nowicki