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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings for Dec. 21

(Rankings through Thursday’s game. Last week in parentheses)

1. New England. Darrelle Revis gets his first crack at his former team. (2)

2. Seattle. As far as oddsmakers are concerned, Arizona might as well be the Seahawks’ home tonight. (3)

3. Denver. Now it’s the defense’s turn to lead the way. (4)

4. Dallas. DeMarco Murray has the most famous left hand in Dallas. (6)

5. Indianapolis. Close wins are getting too close for comfort. (7)

6. Detroit. With Jim Caldwell’s help, Matthew Stafford has dramatically cut interceptions. (9)

7. Arizona. Ryan Lindley, you’re up again! (8)

8. Green Bay. Nothing good ever happens to the Packers in Orchard Park. (1)

9. Baltimore. Gary Kubiak, Owen Daniels look to show Texans what they’re missing. (10)

10. Philadelphia. After losses against Seattle and Dallas, Eagles looking very ordinary. (5)

11. Pittsburgh. Balanced offense helps Steelers win six of last seven. (11)

12. Cincinnati. That was a whole lot of payback the Bengals unloaded in Cleveland. (14)

13. Buffalo. It’s going to be a shame to see this playoff defense miss the playoffs. (16)

14. Kansas City. Fourteen games and still no touchdowns for Chiefs’ wide receivers. (18)

15. San Diego. Boltless offense has been sinking the Chargers. (15)

16. Miami. Joe Philbin’s job security fading with playoff hopes. (12)

17. Houston. Case Keenum or Thad Lewis? Does it really matter? (13)

18. Cleveland. Call him Johnny Disaster. (17)

19. New Orleans. It’s the battle of the “heavyweights” for NFC South supremacy. (19)

20. San Francisco. Michigan’s calling. Will Jim Harbaugh answer? (20)

21. N.Y. Giants. Two wins in a row don’t quiet questions about Tom Coughlin’s future. (24)

22. Carolina. Panthers’ defense is capable of adding to Manziel’s misery. (25)

23. Atlanta. Nothing good usually happens to the Falcons in the Superdome. (23)

24. St. Louis. At least the Rams can be proud of their special teams play. (21)

25. Minnesota. Vikings make NFL’s biggest defensive turnaround from last year. (22)

26. Chicago. Jimmy Clausen can’t believe he’s starting either. (26)

27. Jacksonville. Blake Bortles’ safer throws have reduced interceptions, but also big plays. (27)

28. Washington. They aren’t quite done with RGIII yet. (28)

29. Oakland. Derek Carr would like the “interim” label removed from Tony Sparano’s title. (29)

30. Tennessee. Charlie Whitehurst gets “privilege” of quarterbacking this train wreck to the finish line. (30)

31. N.Y. Jets. Woody Johnson’s sorry for Twitter mess, but John Idzik’s fate is sealed. (31)

32. Tampa Bay. Yeah, a bunch of angry Packers is just what this team needs. (32)

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